Monday, November 24, 2008

Helpful Camping Tips

Here is a list of important items you may need when camping:
1. Ironing Board - you always wanna look your best.
2. Iron - helps with the ironing process plus it makes great toast
3. T.V. - always passes the time more quickly when ironing
4. Paint - good for marking trails so you don't get lost or just sprucing up nature
5. Wall Clock - for telling the time . . . silly.
6. Blender - for mixing up wild berries for a healthy smoothy.
7. Basket ball - Could serve as another seat around the campfire. Sure beats those hard rocks.
8. Tennis racket - For killing the giant mosquitos
9. Inflatable pool - Who wants to swim in the muddy river?
10. Paint Brush - Goes with number 4 unless you prefer to use your hands.
11. Bible - Great to have if you run into a revival tent meeting.
12. Telephone - Just incase you burn the hot dogs you can order pizza.

Things you don't really need when camping:
1. Sleeping bag and Pillow - Come on, your in the backyard go in and sleep in your nice comfy bed
2. Saw - You're camping not building a house
3. Flashlight - Have your dad turn on the flood lights
4. Canteen - You've got all the water you need from the inflatable pool.
5. Tent - Sleep in the car it's more comfortable.
6. Backpack - That's why you bring friends with you. Let them carry it all.


Eric Barclay said...

I just got back from a father-daughter camp out, so this really cracked me up. You won't need earplugs either, because all the other dads snoring in the cabin is so peaceful.

Excellent illustration!

Rob McClurkan said...

Thanks Eric. I am getting ready for a camping trip myself. I have been trying to figure out exactly what is necessary and what needs to be left behind. This illo really sorta help me think through it in a wierd sorta way. Good tip on the ear plugs I may need to bring them for everyone else. :-)

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